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Gun Drilling

  • Mollart Series Std. 7000 Gun Drill
    Max 16mm x 600mm
Grinding - Internal/External
  • Eufort Grinder-Externa/Internal
  • Blohm Surface Grinder
    Max 16mm x 600mm
    250mm x 600mm Magnetic Table
Gear Cutting
  • Spur Gears
  • Spiral & Helical Gears

  • Bevel Gears
    32" Dia x 6" Face x 2" Pitch.
    32" Dia. Face width depending on spiral angle
    1:1 Ratio 18" PCD x 4" Face x 3DP 7:1 Maximum Ratio
  • Deckel Multifrom Spark Eroder c/w 3Robomatic Too Changer
    Asquith Power Thrust 12" - 54" Arm Radial Drill
    Elliott Progress No.2GS Pillar Drill
    Mortimer Tapping Drill Clark 15 Ton Storng Arm Press
    Startrite H250q Band Saw. 10" Capacity
    Midsaw Delta Auto Horizontal Band Saw
    CEM Circular Cut off Saw
    Guyson Bead Blaster
    Tig & Mig Welders
    Gas Welding/Brazing

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